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Our Mission 

Second Chance Stables & Draft Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Massachusetts Registered Charity and Rescue. We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and retirement and or responsible re-homing of draft breeds otherwise headed for the slaughter pipeline. Our rescue seeks to provide a safe place for these horses to heal and rehabilitate so they may have a second chance at the life they deserve. 



Samson-​Samson was the draft that started this all. He was the first Belgian fostered at Second Chance Stables through Heart & Hooves Rescue. Half blind, a huge personality, and very loving, he brought new life to the farm and now to his forever family. 


Charlie- A Belgian gelding, Charlie came and never left. Saved from a Pennsylvania kill pen, he came to the rescue underweight, detached, blind in his right eye, which needed to be removed. He underwent surgery and did fabulously. As he rehabbed, he blossomed, his worth was evident. He is loving and kind and resides here with us in sanctuary.


Athena-A Percheron mare saved from a Pennsylvania kill pen with Charlie and Finn. She had multiple medical issues and with the help of Little Brook Farm Athena made her way to Gentle Giants Draft Rescue, who was able to get her adopted into a safe and loving home where she is thriving. 


Finn-A Belgian gelding, saved with Charlie and Athena, said to be 13 but was actually closer to 30. With poor teeth, he was unable to chew properly and therefore very thin when he arrived here. With proper nutrition, dental care and love, he made an amazing comeback and is now in a home that adores him. 


We will have

Open Farm Days (free to the public)


Sponsor Days (current sponsors only)

Starting in December 2023

**Click here for dates and times** 

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