Our sponsorship program is designed to assist our sanctuary horses on a monthly basis. Sponsorship donations will support a horse's needs, such as; feed, worming, vaccinations, bedding, farrier and vet visits. 

Receive a monthly update on "your horse", along with a picture, and the opportunity to spend time with your horse when pre-arranged. Your name will be added to your horses "autobiography" (should you choose).

Horses currently available for sponsorship


Church is an aged (20+) mule who came to us with several wounds and a crippled back leg, as well as, an elbow injury. X-rays showed all injuries are old and we are unable to repair them. As long as we can keep her pain under control she will live out her forever here at the rescue. The Latimer family has chosen to be a partial sponsor for Church and show her how wonderful it is to be loved. 

Quin front.jpg
Quin back.jpg

Quin is a 2.5 yo Belgian that came to us with a broken pelvis. Sadly there is no fixing it so our goal is pain control as she grows. She will spend her days here enjoying whatever time she has. She is funny, sweet and loves attention. She alternates her days between playing and naps, its tough to be the baby. 

rip 2.jpg

Rip is teenage Belgian how came with one eye missing a nd the other riddled with cancer. The eye could not be saved and was removed. He is now completely blind. However, that does not stop him from being the kindest soul ever. He is loving and gentle and would prefer humans to horses. 

bob 1_edited.jpg
bob 3.jpg

Bob is an aged Belgian with CPL, Chronic Progressive Lymphedema. The CPL causes significant swelling in his back left leg. Other then that he has no issues. He is very reserved but discreetly seeks attention, he loves neck scratches. He recently lost his best friend Aeris but is coping well.

david 2.jpg

David is a 9(ish) yo john donkey that came to us from a kill buyer in PA. He is shy but curious and starting to really come out of his shell. He came with some superficial wounds, but other than that there, doesn't seem to be to much wrong with him from a chronic standpoint. Can't wait to see how he progresses. 


Mike is a senior Belgian that arrived from a PA kill buyer emaciated and withdrawn, His partner Bess was even worse. He will remain on a refeeding program until he is at a healthy wright. He is reserved but seems to want attention. He is very tolerant and accepts all interaction. He is a big boy just shy of 19h. I can't imagine what he will look like when he fills out!


Bess is a senior Belgian that arrived from a PA kill buyer so weak and emaciated she could barely pick up her head. Her partner Mike never left side. She, like Mike, will remain on a refeeding program until she is at a healthy wright. She is very sweet and loves attention.