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Why do we do this?
Horse slaughter, while illegal in the US, is an ongoing problem. 10's of thousands of horses are shipped to slaughter in Mexico and Canada every year. Like many other breeds, drafts serve a purpose, to work. Prone to a multitude of issues due to their size and the degree at which they are worked, these issues can be chronic and expensive to treat. Once the burden outweighs their abilities, they are often sold at auction regardless of condition. Often run from one auction to the next, changing hands multiple times prior to landing in a kill pen. They bring higher prices at slaughter due to their weight and size. Draft breeds often top 18 hands and can weigh upwards of 2000 pounds. We want to help these horses find the safety and peace they deserve. 

What is a kill pen horse?
Kill pen horses most often stem from auctions and free/low cost private sales. Unfortunately, a well meaning family may be mislead into re-homing their beloved pet to a kill buyer. Nobody intentionally places his/her horse in a kill pen. They are sold to the highest bidder period, regardless of who that may be. Kill buyers comb auctions and ads to fill their WEEKLY quota, set by slaughterhouses.

Do we pull from kill pens or auctions?
Our goal is to intercept drafts at auction to eliminate the kill pen experience, however, if able to, or asked to help, we will do everything in our power. A life saved is a life saved.

Do we take owner surrenders?
Yes we do, as long as we have the capacity and means to provide a suitable home.

Do we have an adoption program?
If a suitable home is interested in a horse (that we have deemed adoptable) and is within 2 hours of the rescue, we will consider it. However, it is at the rescue's discretion and adoption contracts are mandatory.

Do we take other animals?
In very specific cases we will take in an animal in need, again if we have the means to safely care for that animal. 

Are we a Non Profit Rescue or Charity- We are both. We hold 501c3 non-profit status federally and are also a registered Massachusetts charity and rescue. All donations are tax deductible


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