Why family and not the usual "volunteer"? Because those who volunteer their time at the rescue are family. 


Wayne Haskins


Allen Haskins


Wayne, Allen, and Cathy are not only neighbors and friends, but family. They are always available to help with projects regardless of size or notice. From keeping our equipment running, to clearing land, providing extra pasture, stacking hay, or driving hours to pick up horses, the rescue would not be possible without them. We are beyond grateful.

Cathy Twiss 

The kids. The horses love them and when Ava and Zack have time to help, it's a toss up as to who enjoys it more, Kristie, or the animals. 


Kristie's family has been a huge help in supporting the rescue and getting it up and running. Her mother Sandy and grandfather Woody adore the animals and visit them almost daily. "Little",  a goat we took in that needed eye surgery/removal due to a traumatic injury, loves when Grandpa comes to visit. Grandpa passed away this year and will greatly missed.


Megan is a valued volunteer. She helps out at the barn 3 days a week, grooming, mucking, hand-walking, feeding, riding, whatever it takes. The horses love her and we would be stuck without her. Megan loves horses and plans to have her own one day. 

​​If you are interested in volunteering please reach out and we will get back to you as soon as possible. ​
All volunteers will be required to fill out an application and are subject to a background check.


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